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Homeless Student Support

To ensure a free and appropriate public school education for homeless students, the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act requires school districts to appoint a district homeless liaison, identify and report all homeless students, ensure immediate enrollment with or without school records, and to provide transportation and educational supports to homeless students. The TBAISD region receives a state grant to assist districts with meeting these needs. TCAPS is the grant fiduciary and coordinator of services. TBAISD assists our local districts with training homeless liaisons and in answering questions regarding student needs and federal compliance.


TBAISD also partners with Catholic Human Services to provide Host Homes for Homeless Youth (HHHY). A homeless student may be placed with a host family to ensure a safe and stable home environment, enabling a student to continue attendance at school to ensure completion of high school.


Deb Neddo, Homeless Student Support Contact
Phone: (231) 922-6335